Portion Sizes

Most Starter Salads, Entree Salads, Veggies & Antipasti, and Pasta & Secondi are available in 3 portion sizes. 

  • Individual - single restaurant-sized serving 
  • Medium - serves 4 - 6, family-style
  • Large - serves 10 - 12, family-style

If you're ordering for a large group and would like each person to have their own pre-packed, self-contained meal, we suggest ordering multiple Individual portions. Our Medium and Large portions are packed in platters and are meant to be served family-style. 

Pizza is cut in 6 slices and usually feeds 2 - 3 people, alongside a salad or other small dish (...or 1 very hungry human.) 

We can cut our pies in up to 8 slices - just put a note on your order during check-out. 

Sweet Stuff, our signature desserts, are packed in individually-portioned reusable glass jars. We include a top so you can eat half after lunch or dinner, then save the rest for later.

Wine comes in your typical 760 ml bottle. Have a corkscrew on hand; most of our wines require it for opening. 

Housemade Drinks - Lemonade, Iced Tea, and Arnold Palmers - are available in 16 oz. single-serve sizes or by the half gallon for groups. 

Lemon Vinaigrette is packed in an 8 oz. reusable glass bottle.

Marinated Olives is 6 oz. for an individual portion or available by the pint. 

Tomato Sauce is 4 oz. for an individual portion or available by the pint. 

Olive Oil Crostini is 3 pieces for an individual portion or available by the dozen.



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