Do you have gluten free pizza?

We do not have gluten free pizza at this time. We do have a number of other gluten free options. Check out all our allergen-friendly items below. 


I need gluten / dairy / nut free dishes. Do you have those? 

Most definitely. Some menu items are always gluten / dairy / nut free. Others can be made gluten free by specifying to have allergen components packed on the side from the product page. We note these allergen accommodations on each product page. Here's the full list: Allergy + Diet Accommodations.


What about vegetarian and vegan options - do you have those, too? 

Yup. Here's the full list of what menu items are vegetarian / vegan: Allergy + Diet Accommodations.


Can I add more than 2 additional toppings to my pizza?

Our crust is NYC-meets-Naples style, meaning it's thinner than other pizzas and can only hold so much on top. If you'd like up more than 2 additional toppings, give us a ring and we'll see what we can make happen: 415.440.1189.


Can I change my pick-up time?

For sure. Our hours for pick-up catering are 11:30 AM - 9:00 PM, every day. Call or email us, or fill out the contact form, to adjust your pick-up time. 


The earliest pick-up time listed is 11:30 AM. Do you have anything earlier?

In some instances, your order can be available as early as 10:45 AM. Here's the schedule we run by:

  • Earliest pick-up time for orders without pizzas: 10:45 AM.
  • Earliest pick-up time for orders with 20 or more pizzas: 10:45 AM. 
  • Earliest pick-up time for orders with less than 20 pizzas: 11:30 AM. 

Call or email us, or fill out the contact form, to adjust your pick-up time. 


How do I edit my order after it's been submitted?

Call or email us, or fill out the contact form, at least 12 hours before your pick-up time. We'll make the edits from there. 


I saw something delicious on your in-house lunch and dinner menu. Can I add it to my order?

If we have that dish at the date of your pick-up, for sure! Call or email us, or fill out the contact form, to adjust your order. 

Our menus change weekly, and are different at each Pizzeria Delfina location, so some items may not be available to add to your order.


Do you deliver?

At this time, Pizzeria Delfina does not deliver. If you need your order delivered, we suggest hiring a TaskRabbit. More info - and a $10 off code - available here. 


Something's wrong with my order. Will you issue me a refund?

Call or email us, or fill out the contact form, and we will resolve it as quickly as possible.

See our Refund Policy page for more info. 


Plans changed - can I cancel my order? 

We get it. Please contact us within 12 hours of the requested pick-up time. Orders cancelled at least 12 hours prior to pick-up will not be charged. Orders cancelled less than 12 hours prior to pick-up will be charged 50% of the order total. 

Check out our full Cancellation Policy. 


So, tell me more about your portion sizes...

Sure thing. Portion Size info has its own page. Check it out here.


I like wine and beer, but not the ones listed on your page. Do you have other options? 

The wine listed on our page are specially priced for catering orders. All other beverages are available at 25% our dine-in menu price. 

Beers listed are all the bottles or canned beers we have available. (If you come into the restaurant, we have plenty more on tap.)


Do I need a corkscrew to get open your wine?

Our red and white wines have corks, so yes, please have your corkscrew on hand. 

Our sparkling wine just requires a few twists and a pop. 

If you ordered beer, do have a bottle opener on hand. 


Heyyyy...I noticed the other Pizzeria Delfina locations have wine and beer available on their menus. How come you don't?

Bummer, we know. Our liquor license doesn't allow for sale of wine and beer that'll be consumed off-premise.

So you're more than welcome to stop by and enjoy a glass of wine or beer while you're picking up (or any other time), we just can't sell bottles or cans to-go. 

If you're looking for a one-stop shop, Mollie Stone's is right across the street.


Does my order come with serving utensils?



Does my order come with paper plates and napkins?



What else do I get in my order?

Labels for each dish, complete with heating (if applicable) and serving instructions, plus a list of allergens in the dish. 


What comes with a side of Olive Oil Crostini? How many come with each?

Cheese Antipasti - Mozzarella, Mozzarella di Bufala, and Burrata - and Neapolitan Meatballs in Sugo have:

  • Individual: 2 pieces
  • Medium: 12 pieces (1 dozen)
  • Large: 24 pieces (2 dozen)

Cocktail-Sized Meatballs do not include crostini. Crostini can be added on to any order - it's under Extras on the menu. 


How do I pay if someone else is picking up my order? 

We'll issue you a credit card authorization form. 


I entered my credit card information at check out. Then you asked me to fill out a credit card authorization form. What's going on? Will I be charged twice?

Rest assured we will only charge your card once. We required a separate credit card authorization form in two instances:

  • Order is placed more than a week in advance
  • Someone else is picking up your order (like a TaskRabbit) and will not be bringing a separate form of payment


Woah woah woah. I ordered from Pizzeria Delfina Pick-Up Catering before, but my account isn't saved. What's going on? 

We're sorry you're having trouble. 

All our Pizzeria locations have their own free-standing, non-integrated online order systems. It's something we're working on. 

In the meantime, yes, you will need to create a new account. Thanks for your patience and understanding. 


Where are other Pizzeria Delfina locations?

Check it out here. 



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